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Scalable Carbon Capture Technology

STAX offers emissions reduction services for terminal operators, container ships, auto carriers, and tankers.

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Emerging leader in emissions Reduction services

STAX is an emerging leader in emissions reduction services. Founded by an industry expert and pioneer, our technology is the future of vessel emissions capture and control. Our systems are cost-effective and versatile, supporting the longevity of existing assets and facilities without modification.




STAX is the 2021 California Air Resource Board’s grand recipient for technology advancement, ensuring our solutions meet expanding regulations today and in the future.

Emissions Reduction as a Service

ERaaS is now available in the Port of Los Angeles/Port of Long Beach for at-berth container ships. STAX offers our patented universal emissions control system as a service to fleets and terminals, delivering clear financial and environmental benefits for all.

Our Ambition

To solve 1% of Climate Change through the treatment of 500,000,000 tonnes of CO2 annually.


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